In Henningsvær, Captain Håvard takes you out to Lofottorsken

Håvard Ånensen has worked "half an eternity" in fisheries, and has spent time trawling in the Barents Sea and catching king crab off Finnmark. Most of his time has been spent unloading in Tromsø, where he grew up.

He is very proud to have 7 generations on his mother's side from Henningsvær, and as he himself says; "I've been walking here since I was conceived.

Grandpa Alf
His grandfatherlived in Henningsvær and was a fisherman for almost 80 of his 94 years,

and, by the way, holds the unofficial world record with a 55 kg cod. The official record is 48 kg.

When Håvard is not out on the boat, he spends a lot of time windsurfing and surfing.

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