A party at sea - there you have us!
Join us on a fishing trip in Henningsvær.

The tour starts from the market square in Henningsvær. For millions of years, cod have come to Lofoten to spawn, and Captain Håvard knows where the best fishing spots in the area are. He takes you out there on the wooden boat Kveldsol, and he has everything you need for a great trip.

Out at sea
Once you arrive at the fishing grounds, Captain Håvard will provide you with all the equipment and local knowledge you need to make a solid catch. You'll feel like you're at sea with your own grandfather from Henningsvær. If it's cold, there are warm suits for everyone. The whole gang gets to fish with sea fishing rods that have new powerful reels.

Safety first
Håvard takes safety seriously and has life jackets for everyone. The captain knows exactly where to go to avoid the worst gusts of wind. Kveldsol also has a life raft on board. You can joke about anything at sea, but not about safety.

Genuine North Norwegian
Håvard himself has learned everything he knows from his grandfather Alf, and believes that he is never unschooled, but learns something new all the time. There's a good chance you'll pick up a few North Norwegian verses that are not suitable for print.

Fish soup by appointment
On sunny and calm days, fish soup can be served by appointment.

Killer whales
If we are lucky, we may come across killer whales. The killer whale is black with white markings and has a white spot behind each eye. The color pattern and dorsal fin are unique to each individual. They swim and hunt in pods and eat fish, seals, skates, dolphins and sharks.

Does this trip look exciting?