Captain Håvard and the boat Kveldsol present themselves - welcome aboard!

Whale watching

Join us on an unforgettable adventure off Skjervøy with "Håvard at sea", aboard "Ørnin" - a venerable wooden boat from 1948 - and experience whales up close.

Experience the whales up close

Join us for an unforgettable adventure in northern Norway aboard the "Ørnin" - a venerable wooden boat from 1948. This four-hour trip, departing from charming Skjervøy in Troms, offers a rare opportunity to observe whales in their natural environment.

Fishing trip

A party at sea - there you have us! Join us on a fishing trip in Henningsvær.

The tour starts from the market square in Henningsvær. For millions of years, cod have come to Lofoten to spawn, and Captain Håvard knows where the best fishing spots in the area are. He takes you out there on the wooden boat Kveldsol, and he has everything you need for a great trip.

Killer whales
If we are lucky, we may come across killer whales. The killer whale is black with white markings and has a white spot behind each eye. The color pattern and dorsal fin are unique to each individual. They swim and hunt in pods and eat fish, seals, skates, dolphins and sharks.

Captain Håvard

In Henningsvær, Captain Håvard takes you out to Lofottorsken

Håvard Ånensen
Håvard has worked for "half an eternity" in fisheries, including trawling in the Barents Sea and catching King crab off Finnmark. Most of his time has been spent unloading in Tromsø, where he grew up.

He is very proud to have 7 generations on his mother's side from Henningsvær, and as he himself says; -Here I have been walking since I was conceived.

The boat Kveldsol

Join Captain Håvard on the boat Kveldsol. Both the captain and the boat offer themselves, and you will be left with fond memories of Henningsvær and Lofoten, long bright summer evenings, anticipation of fishing luck and a good atmosphere.

Kveldsol is a wooden boat of 42 feet, and was built at Svanøy in 1937. Propulsion and full speed is provided by a powerful Caterpillar 3304 engine of 125 horses. Kveldsol also has a life raft on board.

Old style
Even after renovations over the years, Kveldsol has retained its old style, and the hardy wooden deck is warm and cozy throughout the trip.